Agustín Blasco

Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics

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With frequentists...






...and Bayesian geneticists


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Dancing tango at the 7th World Rabbit Congress Valencia-2000

Click Here to see the tango


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Playing classical guitar at a concert in the University



 Jazz guitar

 Spanish music (Falla. Farruca)

 Catalan music (El testament de n'Amelia)

 Catalan music (Cançó del lladre)

 Brazilian music (Baden Powell. Retrato brasileiro)

 Brazilian music (Baden Powell. Alacanto das nonas)

 Brazilian music (Pernambuco. Sons de carilhoes)

 Sor (Minuetto)

 Sor (Estudio)

 Tarrega (Dos preludios)

 Tarrega (Adelita)

 Tarrega (Mazurka)

 Tarrega (Capricho Arabe)

 Villalobos (Preludio 1)

 Bach (Suite I. Prelude)

 Bach (Suite I. Allemande)

 Bach (Suite IV. Prelude)

 Bach (Transcription from Suite III Cello)

 Nacher (Mazurca)

 Graham's Tango

 Castelnuovo's Tarantella

 Sor's Romance "anónimo" and Estudio

 Ponce (Weiss apocryphal suite)

 Orfeo negro (Two guitars)


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Playing piano at a concert in the University

 Four hands jazz 

Four hands Blues

 Bach prelude

 Another Bach prelude

 Chopin Nocturne n. 2

 Chopin minute vals

 Mozart four hands

 Blues (Martial Solal)








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Playing clavicembalo (Spinetta) at home


Qué es un clavicembalo

Les Barricades Misterieuses (Couperin)

Bach prelude BWV 847

Bach prelude BWV 854

Bach prelude BWV 889

Bach prelude BWV 934

Bach prelude BWV 936

Ricardo plays Haendel. Zarabande (theme of Barry Lyndon)

Ricardo plays Haendel. Allegro

Soler. Sonata 84




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Music in time of Coronavirus

Photography: Playing a Pascal Tasquin harpsichord of 1769 at the Russell collection (Edinburgh)


Bach en tiempo de coronavirus

Música minimalista en tiempo de coronavirus

Tango en tiempo de coronavirus

Ragtime en tiempo de coronavirus

Jazz en tiempo de coronavirus

Tanguillos de Cádiz en tiempo de coronavirus

Fandango en tiempo de coronavirus

Danza Arabe en tiempo de coronavirus

Música contemporánea en tiempo de coronavirus